Conversation Dutch – Summer 2020

To cover the long summer break without classes and keep your Dutch up now that there is less contact with Dutch in daily life like with colleagues or your in-laws due to corona measures, we organise flexible classes in the coming two months to practice speaking.

Personal attention

In small mixed groups at A2 level and B1 level you discuss various themes, practice situations you experience difficulties with and get to know the teachers from our team!


Going away for a week? No problem; you subscribe for 5, 6 or 7 classes! Enough freedom to hit the road for a week or two…

On-line or off-line?

Both courses can be offered either on-line or off-line, or as a mix or a hybrid class. This will be decided based on the preference of the students and the teacher. After applying we set up an intake meeting. During the intake meeting we discuss your goals and expectation for the course and we assess your level. If you have any questions, we can also answer them in that conversation.


We would like to make a program that suits students and teachers. Therefore we invite you to contact us and let us know which days/times are convenient for you to have class!

There will be two different levels; conversation around A2 and around B1.

Level around A2

Around A2 level you can expect to work on fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary regarding practical situations you need in daily live; for example talking about your plans for the coming weekend or events from the previous weekend. You can request specific situations to practice!

Level around B1

Around B1 level you can expect to work on fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary regarding topics of personal interest; for example talking about a tv-show you saw or an article you read, giving your opinion or asking questions about it to someone else. You can request specific topics or situations to practice!

Level around A2 and B1
Your teacher is Samantha or Doris
5, 6 or 7 classes during the summer break
1,5 hours per class
from 125*
extra curricular materials like video's and articles

*5 classes for €125 | take 6 classes for € 150 |  take 7 classes for € 165

People are saying

professional school

Kookoovaja is a professional school where you can learn Dutch in a nice atmosphere in small groups and improve your speaking.


strongly recommend this course

I have been part of Kookoovaja for over a year now, and I am very satisfied with the way the lesson is organized. There is a variety of exercises which improve the speaking, reading and other language skills in general by interacting a lot. I would strongly recommend this course!

Keep up the nice job!

I would describe kookouvaja’s learning methods with 3 words: Innovative, interactive, fun! Keep up the nice job!

What does a class look like?

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Conversation Dutch – Summer 2020

Level around A2 and B1 €from 125*