Dutch midday semi-intensive

What will I learn?

intermediate I and II

Continuing from Dutch for Beginners II, this course follows up with more complex sentences and all verb tenses. You will become familiar with having discussions, talking about general topics and expressing your opinion about these topics. In class we also discuss your daily encounters and challenges with Dutch and integrate news items so you can talk to colleagues and friends about current affairs.

Themes discussed will partly depend on your own input into the course. Additionally, abstract themes from the method can be used to guide the course.

Each class has a maximum of 8 participants, which ensures you get the most out of it. The teacher provides personal feedback, you get a lot of time to speak and simultaneously you learn from classmates who have other questions and experiences.

Course dates and time

We offer this course in the midday on Wednesdays. It is a semi-intensive course, meaning we will do 3 hours of class per day with a 20 minute break. The block therefore exists of 9 lessons (or 18 if you continue to the next level).

Intermediate I – semi intensive

  1. Wednesday September 9 – 14:00-17:15
  2. Wednesday September 16 – 14:00-17:15
  3. Wednesday September 23 – 14:00-17:15
  4. Wednesday September 30 – 14:00-17:15
  5. Wednesday October 7 – 14:00-17:15
  6. Wednesday October 14 – 14:00-17:15
  7. Wednesday October 21 – 14:00-17:15
  8. Wednesday October 28 – 14:00-17:15
  9. Wednesday November 4 – 14:00-17:15

Intermediate II – semi intensive

  1. Wednesday November 18 – 14:00-17:15
  2. Wednesday November 25 – 14:00-17:15
  3. Wednesday December 2 – 14:00-17:15
  4. Wednesday December 9 – 14:00-17:15
  5. Wednesday December 16 – 14:00-17:15
  6. Wednesday January 6 – 14:00-17:15
  7. Wednesday January 13 – 14:00-17:15
  8. Wednesday January 20 – 14:00-17:15
  9. Wednesday January 27 – 14:00-17:15
Level A2 to B1
Your teacher is Doris
9 lessons per block
3 hours per class
In this course we will use In Zicht and extra-curricular materials provided by the teacher

It is expected that you have experience learning a foreign language (like English).

People are saying

professional school

Kookoovaja is a professional school where you can learn Dutch in a nice atmosphere in small groups and improve your speaking.


strongly recommend this course

I have been part of Kookoovaja for over a year now, and I am very satisfied with the way the lesson is organized. There is a variety of exercises which improve the speaking, reading and other language skills in general by interacting a lot. I would strongly recommend this course!

Keep up the nice job!

I would describe kookouvaja’s learning methods with 3 words: Innovative, interactive, fun! Keep up the nice job!

What does a class look like?

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