Are you planning a holiday in a French speaking country and would you like to communicate with the locals? Do you want to brush up on your high-school French? Or are you ready to take your French language skills to the next level? Kookoovaja offers French courses from beginner to intermediate level.

We teach small groups to ensure you get as much feedback as possible, space can therefore be limited. Apply on time!

New courses start in September, January and April.

Due to pregnancy leave Stéphanie will pick up new French courses again from March 2021. We are looking forward to welcoming you in class then!

Which French course is best for you?

Kookoovaja offers language courses at every level. Brush up your high-school French or take your French to the next level. Find a course suitable for you below.

French for Beginners I

Level A0 to A1 €260**

French for Beginners II

Level A1 to A2 €260**

French Intermediate course

Level (part of) A2 to B1 €260**

French conversation course – spécial vacances

Level between A0 and A2 €135**

People are saying

Teachers who adapt to your personal progress

Learning at Kookoovaja feels like meeting up for coffee rather than going to school. Small groups, a big variety on study material and teachers who adopt to your personal progress! Highly recommended!


Professional atmosphere

With Stéphanie it is really about the „student“ having the right experience rather than simply teaching as many people as possible. Over the whole course I enjoyed the professional but relaxed atmosphere, which allowed me to also deviate from the study material and to discuss topics I am personally concerned about. While there was a clear structure, I was always given the opportunity to suggest whether I would like to focus more on one theme rather than another. I was especially fond of the mixed methods of learning with a strong focus on talking (as that was what I wanted to focus on), doing exercises, writing essays but also preparing small presentations. To put it in a nutshell, I really enjoyed the lessons with Stéphanie.


French course for beginners

Are you entirely new to the French language? Then start with our French course for beginners. For this course you need no knowledge of French at all, we will guide you through the basics. During this course, we focus on speaking and expanding your vocabulary. You will start with how to talk about yourself and have brief conversations about
everyday life. At the same time, you will develop your writing, reading and listening skills as well.

The French course for beginners consists of two parts. By the end you will have reached level A2.

French course at intermediate level

Have you completed the beginner’s course and you would like to learn more? Or do you have a basic knowledge (at least level A2) of French? Then start with our French course at intermediate level! In this course we work on more challenging conversations and expand your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

The French course at intermediate level consists of three parts. By the end you will have reached level B1.

Are you in doubt about which course suits you best? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for personal advice.

Why take a French course at Kookoovaja?

The French courses are taught by Stéphanie. Stéphanie is bilingual and has been teaching languages since 2015. She currently teaches Dutch and French at Kookoovaja. Students describe her as structured and genuinely interested, and her lessons as professional yet relaxed. The latter utilise mixed teaching methods with a strong focus on speaking.

Kookoovaja works exclusively with small classes, we teach groups of a maximum of 6 students. Classes take 2 hours. That’s why there is always enough time for the teacher to help you individually, but also for the students to learn from each other and share experiences.    

What does a class look like?