Greek for Children

What will my child learn?

In this 6-month course your child will learn to read, write and speak basic Greek. They will start with the alphabet and progress to learning how to talk about themselves and have brief conversations about everyday life. Specifically, by the end of the course they will be familiar with themes such as: introducing themselves, talking about their family and friends, their school and hobbies, favourite toys, their homes and place where they live, their daily activities and schedules. Most importantly, they will also learn how to play in Greek!

At the beginning of the course, parents will receive a booklet with more information about what your child will learn and how you can help your child with learning Greek and doing their homework. You can always talk to the teachers for individual advice on how to support your child’s learning.

What do classes look like?

Play is important for learning a language at any age, but especially so for children. The teachers use toys, games, songs and short films to make the lessons fun and productive! In Taalcentrum Kookoovaja we are also strong supporters and practitioners of cooperative learning. Allowing the children to work together in small groups to achieve common goals enables them to put their language skills to practice in social interaction from day one!

The class has a maximum of 8 children in it, which ensures your child gets the most out of it! The teachers give a lot of attention and personal feedback to each child, and the children have a lot of time to speak. At the same time, the children form a comfortable group to play together and learn from each other, as every child brings their own knowledge, experience, interests and questions.

How do our classes differ from other Greek classes for children?

Being an independent provider of language courses, we are free to choose the content of our classes and incorporate subjects close to the world of experience and perception of your child. Moreover, as a team we  specialize in teaching Greek as a second language. This means that we can work with children at various levels of understanding and speaking Greek. We can also prepare your child for the examinations for the Certification of Attainment in Greek.

Day and time

We offer this course on Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning. The exact time will be decided at the beginning of each block on the basis of the students’ availability.

Age groups

This course is adapted for different ages. We group children together at ages 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14.

On-line or off-line?

This course is offered only in the classroom, so the children can stay focused and learn through face-to-face interaction and play.


A0 to A1
Your teacher is Aspa
24 lessons in 6 months
1,5 hours per class
500 for 6 months
ΚΛΙΚ στα Ελληνικά Α1 για παιδιά with extra material designed especially by Taalcentrum Kookoovaja and provided by the teacher.

No knowledge of Greek is required, but it’s perfectly fine if the child speaks some Greek. We are well prepared for a mixed classroom, where children can get used to different levels of knowledge and learn from each other!

People are saying

Great teacher!

Stephania is a great teacher who adjust to your personal speed and level!
– Wesley

Dive into language and culture!

A great experience of diving into Greek language and culture. – Karolina

You see your skills improving!

It is fun to see that your skills are improving, lovely and good teacher, great group! – Marja

Amazing teacher!

Stefania is an amazing teacher. She is patient, prepared and very enthusiastic. Thanks to her, I was able to have small conversations in Greek within a few weeks! – Val

What does a class look like?

All courses

Greek for Beginners I

Level A0 to A1 €300*

Greek for Beginners II

Level A1 to A2 €300**

Greek Intermediate I, II and III

Level A2 to B1+ €300*

Greek Advanced I, II and III

Level B1 to B2+ €300*

Greek for Children

A0 to A1 €500 for 6 months