Would you like to communicate in Romanian with your Romanian partner? Does your job require contact with Romanians? Are you planning a holiday in Romania and would like to communicate in Romanian? Are you doing business in Romania and would you like to improve your understanding of the language and culture? Kookoovaja offers Romanian courses from beginner to advanced level. 

We teach in small groups to ensure you get as much feedback as possible, space can therefore be limited. Apply on time!

New courses start in September, January and April.

Which Romanian course is best for you?

Kookoovaja offers language courses at every level. Whether you don’t speak a word of Romanian or you are already an advanced speaker, there is always a Romanian course for you.

Romanian for Beginners I and II

Levels A0 to A1 and A1 to A2 €300**

Romanian Intermediate I and II

Level A2 to B1 €300**

Learn Romanian your way

Various levels €On request

People are saying

Nothing to improve

I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn or build on their Romanian skills. Had a really fun time learning, challenging and rewarding! Thank You
– Dan

Docent is vriendelijk en maakt Roemeens begrijpelijk.

De cursus maakt dat ik Roemeens daadwerkelijk doorontwikkel! – Hans

very pleasant and very instructive

very good experience in speaking and understanding the language

Patient, considerate teacher

I recommend Oana’s courses to anybody who needs a patient, considerate teacher with a sensitive approach, who really does her best for her students to succeed.


Romanian course for beginners

Are you entirely new to the Romanian language? Then start with our Romanian course for beginners. For this course, you need no knowledge of the Romanian language at all: we will guide you through the basics. During this course, we focus on speaking and expanding your vocabulary.

You will start with how to talk about yourself and have brief conversations about
everyday life.

At the same time, you will develop your writing, reading and listening skills as well.

Romanian course at intermediate level

Have you completed the beginner’s course and would you like to learn more? Or do you have a basic knowledge (at least level A2) of the Romanian language? Then start with our Romanian course at intermediate level! This course focuses on more challenging conversations and expands your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

The Romanian course at intermediate level consists of three parts. By the end you will have reached level B1.

Romanian course at advanced level

This Romanian course at advanced level deals with subjects such asidiomatic expressions, Romanian history and culture and contemporary issues in Romaniain more detail. Taking this course helps you develop skills that make it easy for you to keep a conversation going, even in complex situations. We will focus on speaking fluently and spontaneously. After this course, you will be able to understand longer texts as well as being able to express your opinion and engage in reasoning.

The Romanian course at advanced level consists of three parts. By the end you will have reached level B2.

Are you in doubt about which course suits you best? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for personal advice.

Why take a Romanian course at Kookoovaja?

The Romanian courses are taught by Oana. She has been teaching for 14 years now. She has been living and working in the Netherlands since 2015, connecting to people from various cultures and acting as an intermediary between various languages. Students describe her as patient and considerate, and her lessons as very relaxed and funny.

Kookoovaja works exclusively in small classes, we teach groups of a maximum of 6 students. Classes last 2 hours. That’s why there is always enough time for the teacher to help you individually, but also for students to learn from each other and share experiences.

What does a class look like?