Vasso is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher. She takes her work very seriously, and her lessons are challenging and enjoyable. I look forward to them and am learning at a fast rate.

Claire (the Netherlands) has classes with Vasso

I have been in the country for almost 8 years. All my efforts for learning the language were unsuccessful, mostly because of the lack of inspiration and enthusiasm by teachers. That is exactly what I found at Kookoovaja. The courses are structured in such a way, that they make me look forward to going to class every week. Kookoovaja has a very professional system for forming small, homogeneous groups of students that makes learning fun and very constructive at the same time. Samantha is very enthusiastic and devoted in what she is doing, an attribute that is both pleasant and contagious!

Stavros (Greece) has classes with Samantha

Laurel is a great teacher. I used to discuss the main ideas of my papers with her and we used to have really interesting talks about gender studies and social science in general. This kind of talks improved my arguments and reinforced my ideas in the texts. The course was very useful.

Sylvia (Spain) has had classes with Laurel

De lessen van Montse zijn heel erg plezierig. Ik leer veel op een ongedwongen manier. Zij weet de taal op een mooie overzichtelijke manier aan te bieden. Echt een aanrader deze lessen te gaan volgen!

Jacqueline (the Netherlands) has classes with Montse

Vasso is een hele prettige docent om mee te werken. Ze is geduldig, vriendelijk, punctueel en accuraat. Ze bereidt haar lessen altijd goed voor en verwacht hetzelfde van haar studenten. Vasso weet veel van de Griekse taal, niet alleen in technische zin, ze kan ook veel vertellen over de herkomst van woorden en de Griekse cultuur. Vasso kan goed omgaan met niveau verschillen in een groep(je). Mijn dochter van 10 heeft ook les gekregen van Vasso, zij vond dat altijd erg gezellig. Vasso houdt rekening met het kind en toont zich hierin flexibel. Al met al raad ik Vasso van harte aan.

Barbara (the Netherlands) has classes with Vasso

Kookoovaja school was recommended to me by my Greek colleague when I was in search for my next-level Dutch course. I’m glad I found it, and I want to share my impression.

The lessons are given in a unique atmosphere: free, friendly, even relaxing, but you are directed (unnoticeably!) to learn actively, to repeat and to memorize the words / expressions and the rules. I was so pleased to find out that the group is small enough for everybody to get a lot of attention from the docent while practicing + to have any question to be asked and answered explicitly. I feel involved into each lesson as the great part of it is devoted to speaking which is the most efficient way of mastering the language (at least, for me). Trial by trial you start seeing the progress and get a confidence boost as a bonus. Still long way to go, but with Samantha it feels like a journey.

Altana (Rusia) has classes with Samantha

Valentina is a very good teacher. Since she studied languages her whole life, she knows what it means to be a student and she is always willing to give you tricks and tips when you are learning a foreign language. She is passionate, patient, competent, and she always knows how to make the classes fun.

Laura (Italy) has had classes with Valentina

Montse krijgt de groep enthousiast. Haar lessen zijn speels en leerzaam. Ik heb er veel aan gehad. Ook doordat de interactie tussen de deelnemers me nu stimuleert om te spreken.

Louise (the Netherlands) has classes with Montse

I recommend Oana's courses to anybody who needs a patient, considerate teacher with a sensitive approach, who really does her best for her students to succeed.

Evgen (Slovenia) has had classes with Oana

Vasso, Ik ben blij om jou als lerares te hebben. Je geeft op een leuke en duidelijke manier les en bent geduldig, dat is fijn. Bent attent, hebt leuke humor en bent ook nog eens erg aardig. Voor mij de perfecte manier om de Griekse taal te leren.

Dimitri (the Netherlands) has classes with Vasso

Samantha is very communicative and she comprehends each student’s way of thinking and analysing and adapts her teaching and feedback accordingly.

Vivian (Greece) has had classes with Samantha

Moving to a new country and learning a new language is always a little terrifying and exciting. I have now been living in the Netherlands for a little over a year and having tried studying Dutch at a bigger institute (20+ students in a class), I didn't do very well and decided not to continue with the course.

When I heard of Kookoovaja and signed up for lessons, I instantly felt comfortable and excited to learn Dutch again! Kookoovaja's classes are small and Samantha makes it really enjoyable to learn a new language. Each lesson is different and she doesn't routinely just teach by the book. She has a very unique style of teaching the language and it is always enjoyable to go to class. Samantha is a very enthusiastic teacher who really takes the time to understand what components of the language you struggle with. She has the ability to create a comfortable environment where you are encouraged to speak Dutch in class and ask questions. I have noticed a vast improvement since I have studied at Kookoovaja with Samantha!

Safiyyah (USA) has classes with Samantha

Having fun while learning is vital. Oana has the ability to create a relaxed and humorous atmosphere, where the learning of a foreign language is made easier for her students.

Gerard (The Netherlands) has classes with Oana

With Stéphanie it is really about the „student“ having the right experience rather than simply teaching as many people as possible. Over the whole course I enjoyed the professional but relaxed atmosphere, which allowed me to also deviate from the study material and to discuss topics I am personally concerned about. While there was a clear structure, I was always given the opportunity to suggest whether I would like to focus more on one theme rather than another. I was especially fond of the mixed methods of learning with a strong focus on talking (as that was what I wanted to focus on), doing exercises, writing essays but also preparing small presentations. To put it in a nutshell, I really enjoyed the lessons with Stéphanie.

Felix (Germany) has had classes with Stéphanie

Zin in Spaans? Heel erg fijn, Spaanse les bij Montse. Persoonlijke aandacht. Heel laagdrempelig. Ik kan het iedereen die deze mooie taal wil leren aanraden zich bij haar in te schrijven. Saludos a todos!

Hans (The Netherlands) has classes with Montse

Vasso's classes provide a great combination of diverse, well-structured and fun methods to approach the Greek language. I particularly appreciate Vasso as a language teacher because of her in-depth knowledge of the structure of both the English and Greek language. Her classes also provide many opportunities to speak Greek (in conversation), in which she focusses on expanding your vocabulary in the areas you need it most. Most of all, Vasso is extremely patient and really makes you feel comfortable speaking a foreign language you don't completely master yet. I have had classes with Vasso for about 1,5 years now and it's so rewarding to see all those classes pay off!

Shona (the Netherlands) has classes with Vasso

Kleine groepjes, veel spreken en activiteiten afgestemd op je wensen: Kookoovaja is de beste optie om Nederlands te leren zonder het gevoel dat je terug naar school bent. Bovendien, de les met Samantha is nooit saai!!!

Belén (Spain) has classes with Samantha

I am finishing my second term at Kookoovaja with Vasso. Vasso is an extremely competent teacher who combines a professional approach with entertaining moments. Thanks to her, in the last year I have acquired the capacity to read Greek texts, sustain basic conversations, and understand what people talk about - all of this starting from zero!

Adriano (Italy) has classes with Vasso

Vasso is een Griekse lerares die ik iedereen toewens! Met haar persoonlijke benadering, grote enthousiasme en kleinschalige lessen zorgt ze voor een optimale leeromgeving. Vasso stimuleert haar studenten om zelf te spreken, maar ze heeft ook veel aandacht voor grammatica en andere vaardigheden, kan makkelijk inspringen op de individuele behoeften van haar leerlingen en houdt het leuk met afwisselende oefeningen en weetjes over de Griekse taal en cultuur tussendoor. Ze creeert een klein stukje Griekenland in hartje Utrecht waar je met veel plezier naar toegaat.

Julia (The Netherlands) has classes with Vasso