Are you planning a vacation in Romania and would like to communicate in Romanian? Are you doing business with Romanian partners and would like to have a better understanding of the language and culture? Kookoovaja offers Romanian courses from beginner to advanced level. Each class has a maximum of 6 participants, which ensures you get the most out of a class. You get a lot of time to speak, while you can learn from classmates who have other questions and experiences.


A class takes two hours and happens once per week. Classes can take place from Monday to Friday in the evenings after 17h00. The academic year is divided into three blocks and each block has a vacation week. See practical info for specific dates.

In addition to the main offered courses, Oana also offers workshops and courses on request. Think of business oriented courses, culture workshop, etc.

level course name n° of lessons price pp.* info
A0 to A1 Beginner 12 € 250,-
A1 to A2 low-intermediate 12 € 250,-
A2 to B1- Romanian intermediate I 12 € 250,-
B1- to B1+ Romanian intermediate II 12 € 250,-
various Romanian conversation based 12 € 250,-
workshop Romanian culture - on request
various Romanian for business - on request

Note: With 2-3 participants a course price of 320,- pp is valid.
With 3-6 participants a class takes two hours. With 2 participants a class takes one and a half hour.

Detailed course description

Romanian beginner & low-intermediate

From words to sentences to full dialogues and short articles, Romanian will reveal itself to you in all its complexity and richness. Theses two courses will set the foundations for your basic Romanian in a practical conversational way.

You will learn to master the fundaments of the language with vocabulary referring to greetings, introductions, shopping, the home, going out, business meetings, the seasons, and travel. In addition, you will study the basic principles of grammar and practice it further in your workbook. Grammar is explained visually to help students absorb structures in the fastest and most efficient way.

Since pronunciation is a demanding part of learning Romanian, emphasis will be put in class on the correct uttering of specific sounds, which you can also train extra at home with the help of CDs. ‘Useful Romanian’ is also a fun and handy section at the end of each unit, which you can complete with tips about the ‘real Romanian’ the teacher will provide.

Method: the manual Puls - Limba română ca limbă străină A1-A2 (Romanian as a Foreign Language), which includes a textbook, a workbook and two CDs.

Romanian intermediate I and II

Once you have completed the A2 level or if your Romanian is advanced enough, you can proceed to the next level, where the learning material is. You will acquire further and more in depth knowledge of the language under all its aspects: oral comprehension (listening), reading comprehension (reading), oral language skills (elaborating complex spoken discourses), and writing skills.

The 10 units of the manual provide students with models of communication situations structured on various themes and illustrated so as to support the spoken discourse. You will be able to have free conversations in Romanian using a complex vocabulary and grammar structure, which will undoubtedly impress your Romanian interlocutors and counterparts.

Method: the manual Puls - Limba română ca limbă străină B1-B2 (Romanian as a Foreign Language), which includes a textbook, a workbook and one CD.

Romanian culture

Are you drawn to Romania without knowing exactly why? Would you like to travel to this beautiful and sometimes mysterious country? Would you like to know more about its history, language and culture? Please ask for more information about a potential course.

Romanian for Business

Upon request, a special course can be devised for students wishing to master vocabulary from a specific field of activity, including technical or specialised terms. Please ask for more information.