Doris is one of our dutch teacher

Teacher: Doris

Dutch teacher

To me, language is the basis of all communication: language is what brings people together and connects us. To understand each other, it is useful to, literally and figuratively, speak the same language. How fortunate for that language to be Dutch! For me, our tiny country has one of the most complex, and at the same time richest and most intriguing languages in the world. The fascination I have for the difficulties and possibilities of our language, I wish to pass on to my students. My favourite part of this profession is working with Dutch literature. In my classes, I implement a principle of improvisational theatre: “have fun in failure”. If you don’t make mistakes, you won’t learn. That’s why students in my classes must make mistakes, and I teach them how to have fun while doing so.


Brief CV

As a daughter of a Dutch expat father and a German mother consumed by wanderlust, Doris was born abroad and was raised more or less trilingual (Dutch, English, German). Later in life, she also learned other languages, such as French, Spanish, Latin, Ancient-Greek and a bit of Bahasa Indonesia. And with each language, she learned about the countries and cultures behind that language. After her studies in Journalism, various careers followed, such as television maker, writer, translator, guide, actor and drama teacher. All skills came together when she decided to follow her heart and become what she had been all along; a teacher of Dutch. And due to her background, “Dutch as a second language” was the only logical choice to make: to work with people of all sorts and conditions and from all over the world.


strongly recommend this course

I have been part of Kookoovaja for over a year now, and I am very satisfied with the way the lesson is organized. There is a variety of exercises which improve the speaking, reading and other language skills in general by interacting a lot. I would strongly recommend this course!

Keep up the nice job!

I would describe kookouvaja’s learning methods with 3 words: Innovative, interactive, fun! Keep up the nice job!

Now I am more confident

I can really speak Dutch! Kookoovaja let me face this language I thought it was impossible to learn, of course I am only at the beginning but I am now more confident! Dank je wel Samantha!


Interactive lessons

Very interactive lessons!! Very fun way of learning!


Lessons that you look forward to

There are a few things that in my opinion makes Kookoovaja’s teaching method stand. First are the small groups, the teacher can follow everyone and you get to know your classmates quite well. Second the variety of exercises together with the focus on speaking. What you end with are very gezellig and fun lessons that you look forward to.


Dynamic and fun

The course was dynamic and fun. The relaxed atmosphere helps to keep your attention after a hard day of work.


Enjoying my time

Best language school in Utrecht to improve your speaking Dutch language abilities. Really enjoying my time there.


Fun exercises

I enjoyed the environment and the fun exercises.


Personalized activities

Study and play with the Dutch in a small group! A great atmosphere, personalized activities and a lot of fun gave a energy boost to my Dutch learning process.


Practicing real situations

Kookoovaja lessons have helped me lose my fear of speaking in Dutch, letting go and improving my speaking by practicing with real situations every week.