Teacher: Ellen


My choice to study ‘Language and literaturesciences’ (now called ‘Communication- and Informationsciences’) was based on my love to puzzle and play with (Dutch) language and have contact with the greatest diversity of people you can imagine. It still gives me lots of joy. Both aspects: language and humans have my full attention, and is always dynamic.
My motto is to get as much as possible óut of the student. I like to give space to speaking, doing so by asking a lot of questions and stimulating others to do the same. Besides that expanding vocabulary and grammar are part of the classes.
Furthermore I find it important to stay close to the learning goals of the student. My programm is never the same but mostly adjusting to the group and current affairs. This way, we are getting deeper into the culture too.

Brief CV

Ellen graduated from the University of Tilburg on the speciality Dutch as a second language. She was a coordinator and teacher at ROC van Amsterdam at the department of highly educated working students of Dutch. Later on she is also educated in and worked as a study and career counselor. Advising people which study to choose is also a great interest of her. After that she began working for herself at various language schools, working with groups, individuals, in company or casual classrooms.


You start speaking more and more!

Definitely recommend to follow a course with Kookoovaja. The teachers are positive, motivational and find new ways to make the lessons interactive. We played taboo in Dutch, we had discussions and they gave us practical ways to start using Dutch on our daily life; without realizing it you start speaking more and more! Evi

Small groups and fun classes!

What I like about Kookoovaja are the small groups, the games and fun activities during the class, which make learning Dutch more interesting! Myrto

Great language school!

Kookoovaja is a great language school, attentive to feedback and student engagement. Classes are fun and interactive! Olga

Three lovely months!

Three lovely months! It was a nice experience! Fun but most important learning as well! I chose the Dutch language and I am really happy with the teacher and with the group I was with! Kalliopi

Great classmates and amazing teacher!

At Kookoovaja, I get to learn Dutch with great classmates and an amazing teacher! Theodoros

I feel confident in speaking Dutch

Thanks to the interactive way of learning introduced by Samantha, my Dutch has improved a lot in the span of a few months, and most importantly I feel more confident in speaking Dutch. Lamia

Totally recommended!

The small group sizes create a very efficient learning environment. Totally recommended! Erik

I really like the small groups

I love that courses are small so you can really focus on what you need to improve – Lis

Where learning meets creativity

Kookoovaja is where learning meets creativity. A place where you can improve your language skills in a joyful way. The teacher is well prepared, friendly and kind. – Georgios

Great Teacher. Very satisfied!

Lectures are fun and targeted to improve in every single one! The teacher always thinks about creative ways to practice our weaknesses and doesn’t just stick to the book. Also we speak a lot in the class which for me is the most important. Very satisfied student here:) – Alba