Teacher: Marieke

Dutch teacher

The motto of my lessons is: lots of laughing and having fun, and making mistakes is a must! Because learning a new language has to be mainly fun and from making mistakes you learn a great deal. In my classes, the students come crawling out of their shell and after a few lessons phrase sentences, sing along with Dutch songs, walk around to -literally- catch new words and talk about the different cultures that have come together in the classroom. And in the meantime, students implicitly pick up a lot of ‘boring’ grammar of Dutch.

I’m curious for and interested in everything. That’s why it was hard to find a study after high school. Eventually I decided to study Journalism. That was a direct hit! In no time, I was traveling across the country and got into contact with different cultures and the diversity of mankind. I absorbed all these differences but also similarities. They were the base of the background articles, reports and interviews that I was writing. Through writing I was occupied with the Dutch language on a daily basis. The transfer to teaching Dutch as a second language was therefore easily made after 20 years of journalism. And oh, how I like it! Al these cultures come together in the classroom. Besides that, my curiosity and broad interests are well nurtured by being a teacher of Dutch as a second language.

Brief CV

In high school she was writing essays, vigorously reading newspapers and magazines to catch up with the latest news and had a love for the Dutch language. With these interests, it was not unimaginable that Marieke choose to study Journalism. She works and has worked in various related functions: reporter, editor, senior editor and editor-in-chief. Mainly with magazines like Intermediair, Carp, but also Snackkoerier and Tijdschrift voor Remedial Teaching. At a certain moment, she had the chance to teach temporarily at the school for Journalism in Utrecht. A seed was planted; she enjoyed teaching very much! To expand her teaching career, she started her studies to become a teacher of Dutch as a second language at the VU in Amsterdam a few years back. She now teaches expats and inburgeraars at various language schools, amongst which also Kookoovaja. She is happy that she made this new step in her career; the students give her lots of energy and we saw; she does the same to her students.


strongly recommend this course

I have been part of Kookoovaja for over a year now, and I am very satisfied with the way the lesson is organized. There is a variety of exercises which improve the speaking, reading and other language skills in general by interacting a lot. I would strongly recommend this course! Diana

Keep up the nice job!

I would describe kookouvaja’s learning methods with 3 words: Innovative, interactive, fun! Keep up the nice job! Georgios

Now I am more confident

I can really speak Dutch! Kookoovaja let me face this language I thought it was impossible to learn, of course I am only at the beginning but I am now more confident! Dank je wel Samantha! Eleonora

Interactive lessons

Very interactive lessons!! Very fun way of learning! Alba

Lessons that you look forward to

There are a few things that in my opinion makes Kookoovaja’s teaching method stand. First are the small groups, the teacher can follow everyone and you get to know your classmates quite well. Second the variety of exercises together with the focus on speaking. What you end with are very gezellig and fun lessons that you look forward to. Madalina

Dynamic and fun

The course was dynamic and fun. The relaxed atmosphere helps to keep your attention after a hard day of work. Jesús

Enjoying my time

Best language school in Utrecht to improve your speaking Dutch language abilities. Really enjoying my time there. Marisia

Fun exercises

I enjoyed the environment and the fun exercises. Lilia

Personalized activities

Study and play with the Dutch in a small group! A great atmosphere, personalized activities and a lot of fun gave a energy boost to my Dutch learning process. Carlo

Practicing real situations

Kookoovaja lessons have helped me lose my fear of speaking in Dutch, letting go and improving my speaking by practicing with real situations every week. Marta