Teacher: Stéphanie

French and Dutch teacher

I’ve always loved language. What it exposes and mystifies, how it handles truth and challenges imagination. It’s the most evident and at the same time magical way of manifesting ourselves and making sense of the things that surround us. I like the dual (or multiple) perspective you get when knowing two (or more) languages. You come to look at things and the languages themselves in different ways. Teaching is sharing this idea that students can amplify their world and benefit from this broader horizon in more ways they perhaps could have imagined beforehand. Moreover, I find it very rewarding helping students gain the confidence to speak a new language and the motivation to keep speaking that new language.

Brief CV

Stéphanie is a French native speaker who learned Dutch at the age of eleven when she moved from France to the Netherlands. She’s been teaching Dutch as a second language since 2015 at Dutch language and writing school Skribi. Now she is teaching Dutch and French at Kookoovaja as well. She graduated in Communication and Information Sciences at Utrecht University (2008) before obtaining a Bachelor of Arts with honours in Writing for Performance at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (2011). Additionally, she followed a post-hbo program NT2 teacher at Hogeschool Utrecht to deepen and strengthen her teaching skills in second language learning.