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Sunday Sessions

Support your language learning with cultural activities

Learn more about the culture and practice the language you are learning in a fun and relaxed way in the Sunday Sessions. Every block a free Sunday Session takes place. A Sunday Session takes place every block and you can expect an interactive lecture or workshop about various topics and other activities like watching a movie, playing games or listening to music related to the language you are learning.

Planned Sunday Sessions
Sunday session #1 - 5 years celebration Kookoovaja 13 October 2019
Christmas party - All languages 8 December 2019
Sunday session #2 - ?? 16 February 2020
Sunday session #3 - Greek 29th March 2020
Sunday session #4 - Outdoor activity 24 May 2020
UP NEXT: 5 years celebration Kookoovaja
13 october 2019

This year Kookoovaja is up and running for 5 years and we love to celebrate this with all of you! Keep an eye on the website and newsletter for details!

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Previous: Creative writing in Dutch
26 May 2019

When you start learning Dutch it is hard to imagine that you are able to be creative with the language, you are glad you can finally order a drink. But what do you need as a non-Dutch to be able to write in Dutch with unexpected creativity? This workshop is meant for learners of Dutch from A1 level and on and shows you how imaginative you can be with your Dutch.

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Previous: Folk stories from Romania and the Netherlands
31 March 2019

Comedian Soula Notos takes us on a journey through the legends of Romania and the Netherlands. Together we write our own sage and share personal stories related to heroes, vampires, the water, and spirituality.

This workshop is part of the open day, that starts afterwards. During the open day, you can come for a drink and get to know more about the language course you’re interested in.
Guest speaker: comedian Soula Notos

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