Work at Taalcentrum Kookoovaja

Why work at Kookoovaja?

After reading all about us, you probably have a good idea of what is our mission. But what else do we have to offer?

For the team

We are a cheerful team that is passionate about teaching and offering the right content for each student. As a team we meet up on several occasions; during our yearly team-uitje, but also at sunday sessions, celebrations and open days.

For your development

Progress is learning and we never want to stop learning! That’s why we work on becoming even better teachers by doing intervisie, class observations and have a personal budget to spend. During intervisie we meet up and discuss problematic cases/situations thoroughly by shining light on every side of the problem in order to get insight in what could be a solution. Observing a teacher on the one hand helps you see what you like or don’t like about your own classes and gives you input for new ideas or material, and on the other hand gives the observed teacher insight in what an outsider sees during class, what is going well and what could be improved. We offer a personal budget for you to invest in workshops, materials or books to improve didactic skills.

If you are interested in meeting us and discussing our ideas and a possible collaboration, contact us here or send an e-mail.


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