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Course application

Yes! In class we try to use the target language as much as possible. Besides that, all our teachers are equipped to teach from Dutch and from English to the target language. Let’s do this!

In our course descriptions, we use the codes of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. According to this framework, A1 and A2 stand for Basic User and B1 and B2 stand for Independent User. For more information on the Common Reference Levels, check the website of the Council of Europe.

If you are in doubt, we can find out together which level is most suitable for you! After you fill in the application form, we’ll contact you to arrange a free intake meeting with your prospective teacher. In that meeting the teacher will ask you various questions and/or ask you to take a short test which will determine your level. After that meeting, your teacher can place you in an appropriate group.

If you can’t make it to the next Open Day, you can fill in the application form and we’ll contact you to arrange a free intake meeting with your prospective teacher, during which you can learn about the course, discuss your needs and goals, find out what your level is in order to be placed in an appropriate group.

We have three Open Days a year, and our teachers are looking forward to meeting you, offering you drinks and snacks, answering any questions you may have about our courses and finding out what you need! You can find the specific dates on the practical information page.

New courses start in September, January and April. For more information on our academic calendar, see our practical information page.

Some specific courses, like Dutch morning and midday courses or intensive courses might start at different dates, which are announced in advance in the agenda section. Stay tuned!

You can apply online here. Also, on every course-page, there is an “apply now” button, which directs you to the application form.

After submitting your application we’ll contact you to arrange a free intake meeting with your prospective teacher, during which you can learn about the course, discuss your needs and goals, find out what your level is in order to be placed in an appropriate group.

After you fill in the application form, you can expect the following:

  • First, we send you a message that we received your application.
  • Then, we’ll contact you to arrange a free intake meeting with your prospective teacher.
  • Following the meeting you will be placed in a suitable group.
  • Afterwards -once you’ve been placed in a group- your teacher will confirm your placement via email and provide you with information on course material and schedule.
  • Within a week after your course starts you will receive an email with the invoice for the course and instructions on how to pay online.

Did you check your spam? Not there? Oops, something went wrong. Please send us an email or give us a call 06 448 36 442.

Time and place

Online means that you will follow the full course from your own location via videochat. There are only a few lessons online, most courses are taught at our location.

Offline/hybrid means that you follow the course in the classroom and that you will participate online from your own location only when necessary. If you travel abroad for a week, this is possible. Joining hybrid is not ideal, for you, the teacher and students it takes more effort and due to connectivity problems it you might be missing out on some parts. Always try to be in the classroom when your course is an offline course.

When filling in an application form, you may state your preference for online or offline/hybrid classes.

Taalcentrum Kookoovaja has two physical locations in Utrecht. You can find out more about our locations here.

Currently we also offer courses online.

The exact day and time of each course is decided at the beginning of each block based on the students’ and teachers’ availability. Mainly on weekdays, with exception of intensive courses.

We offer Dutch courses in the morning, midday and evening. For those who work during office hours, we start after 17:00 and alternate start times every week: one week you have class at 17:15 and the other at 19:30. For those who are not tied to an office job, we also offer morning and midday classes.

English, Modern Greek, Italian, Romanian, and French courses take place in the evenings at 17:15-19:15 or 19:30-21:30.

With 3-8 students a class lasts two hours.

Classes in small groups with up to two students last 1,5 hours.

Regular is once per week, a two hour class. Some courses we also offer (semi)intensive. Semi-intensive is twice per week, a two-hour class. Intensive is 2-3 days per week, 4 hours per day.

Please see our practical page for this years’ scheduled vacations.

Course information

Dutch classes are solely given in groups of 4-8 students. English, French, Modern Greek, Italian and Romanian can start from 2 students, but this is open for other students to join.

When we write ‘on request’, that is possible! But we would like to point out that we offer classes in small groups. In our classroom you can expect personal attention and care for each student. Teaching in small classes ensures that we can tailor to your individual needs, give you immediate feedback and create a strong bond between you, your classmates and your teacher.

A group has between 4-8 students.

Smile! Ok, let’s see; Each teacher has their own structure and different way to deal with the materials at hand. We all have two things in common: we create a safe environment where you feel comfortable to speak, learn from each other and show interest in one another. We focus on speaking exercises and vocabulary (and we expect that students prepare at home for these activities).

Sunday sessions

You can find all scheduled Sunday Sessions on this page. Nothing scheduled? Check again in a few weeks!

Sunday Sessions are cultural activities that allow you to learn more about the culture you are interested in and/or to practice the language you are learning in a fun and relaxed way. Sunday Sessions take place at least once per block and can take a variety of forms, such as an interactive lecture or workshop about various topics, as well as other activities, like watching a movie, playing games or listening to music related to the language you are learning. You can find out more about past and future Sunday Sessions here.


Prices vary between languages and depend on how many students are in class. Check the course page to find the corresponding course fee. Courses that are ‘on request’ have a fee for private classes, please contact us about these courses.

Yes you can! Pay in two installments by transferring two equal amounts via bank transfer. The first instalment upon receiving the invoice, the other a month later.

Maybe yes! There are various ways to get a discount. We offer u-pas discount (15%)for u-pas cardholders and referral discount when you referred someone to take classes with us.

We send a thank you note after registering your payment. If you pay via iDeal this note is sent immediately. If you pay via bank transfer this might take a bit longer. Didn’t receive one after 4 weeks or got a reminder for the payment? Something might have gone wrong. Let us know!


That’s a pity! Please inform your teacher timely, either via mail, phone or message. Your teacher will let you know what material was covered in class and what the homework for the next week is. You may always contact your teacher with questions about the material covered.

After the cancellation period (stated in our T&C) no refunds are given for classes that you are unable to attend. Depending on availability, you may be offered to attend a similar class with another group to make up for the missed class.

When you apply via our website, you are not yet formally enrolled in a course, which means you can cancel your application at no cost. After you have been placed in a group and we have confirmed your application, you are formally enrolled in the course. Please read our T&C about cancellation period and costs.

Please send us an email to cancel your participation!


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