Can’t wait to say more than ‘dankjewel’ and ‘alsjeblieft’? Looking for an opportunity to develop your Dutch speaking skills? Planning on staying in the Netherlands and looking to improve your Dutch? Take a Dutch course at Kookoovaja! Choose a Dutch course from beginner to advanced level.

We teach in small groups to ensure you get as much feedback as possible, space can therefore be limited. Apply on time!

New courses start in September, January and April.

Which Dutch course suits you best?

Kookoovaja offers language courses at every level. Whether you don’t speak a word of Dutch or you are quite advanced already, there is always a Dutch course for you.

Dutch for Beginners I

Level A0 to A1 €300

Dutch for Beginners II

Level A1 to A2 €300

Dutch Intermediate I, II and III

Level A2 to B1 €300

Dutch Advanced I, II and III

Level B1 to B2 €300

Intensive Dutch course

Level A0 to A1 | A1 to A2 | A2 to B1 part I €355*

Dutch semi-intensive

Level A0 to A1 and A1 to A2 €300

People are saying

strongly recommend this course

I have been part of Kookoovaja for over a year now, and I am very satisfied with the way the lesson is organized. There is a variety of exercises which improve the speaking, reading and other language skills in general by interacting a lot. I would strongly recommend this course!

Keep up the nice job!

I would describe kookouvaja’s learning methods with 3 words: Innovative, interactive, fun! Keep up the nice job!

Now I am more confident

I can really speak Dutch! Kookoovaja let me face this language I thought it was impossible to learn, of course I am only at the beginning but I am now more confident! Dank je wel Samantha!


Dutch course for beginners

Are you entirely new to the Dutch language? Then start with our Dutch course for beginners. You don’t need to know anything about Dutch for this course, we guide you through the basics. During this course, we focus on speaking and expanding your vocabulary. You will start with how to talk about yourself and have brief conversations about everyday life. At the same time, you will develop your writing, reading and listening skills as well.

The Dutch course for beginners consists of two parts. By the end you will have reached level A2.

Dutch course intermediate level

Have you completed the beginner’s course and you would like to learn more? Or do you have a basic knowledge (at least level A2) of the Dutch language? Then start with our Dutch course at intermediate level! This course works on more challenging conversations and expands your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

The Dutch course at an intermediate level consists of three parts. By the end you will have reached level B1.

Dutch course advanced level

This Dutch course at advanced level deals in more detail with subjects of common interest or hot topics from the news, such as societal issues, environmental issues, politics, lifestyle choices, etc. Taking this course helps you develop skills that make it easy to keep a conversation going, even in complex situations. We focus on speaking fluently and spontaneously. After this course, you will be able to comprehend longer texts and express your opinion as well as engage in reasoning.

The Dutch course at advanced level consists of three parts. By the end you will have reached level B2.

Are you in doubt which course suits you best? Don’t hesitate to get in touch for personal advice.

Why take a Dutch course at Kookoovaja?

Samantha, Ellen and Brecht teach the Dutch courses. Samantha has over 8 years of intense experience teaching Dutch as a second language. Students describe her as devoted and patient, and her lessons as very friendly and enjoyable. Ellen and Brecht have joined the team in 2021 and with their expertise, they complement Kookoovaja’s teachers.

Kookoovaja works exclusively with small classes, we teach groups of a maximum of 8 students. Classes take 2 hours. That’s why there is always enough time for the teacher to help you individually, but also for the students to learn from each other and share experiences.

What does a class look like?