Ready to take your English to the next level? Kookoovaja offers English for general purposes, business English, academic English, exam preparation courses and conversation classes.

We teach in small groups to ensure you get as much feedback as possible, space can therefore be limited. Apply on time!

New courses start in September, January and April.

Which English course is best for you?

Kookoovaja offers a wide selection of English courses. Whether you don’t speak a word of English, you want to perform better in business meetings or at university or just want to formally prove your proficiency, we have an English course for you.

English for Beginners up to English Advanced

Various levels €325**

Academic English course

Level B2 to C2 €325**

English exam preparation course

Various levels €On request

English speaking course

Various levels €On request

Business English course

Levels from A2 to C1 €325**

The classes were dynamic and adapted to the interests of everybody

I had the pleasure of taking an English exam preparation course with Oana and my experience was very successful. In 3 months my English has improved a lot and I feel much more confident now. The classes were dynamic and adapted to the interests of everybody as well. If you are looking for an experience like that I truly recommend taking this course! – Paula

Very satisfactory

I signed up to prepare for the IELTS test. With only a month and a half of study the result was very satisfactory. I would recommend this academy to anyone in the same situation. Adrià

Great teacher

Laurel is a great teacher. I used to discuss the main ideas of my papers with her and we used to have really interesting talks about gender studies and social science in general. This kind of talks improved my arguments and reinforced my ideas in the texts. The course was very useful.


English language Course

Do you want to improve your English? Do you want to use English on a regular basis in various situations? Then this English course is for you! This course focuses on various levels of English for students who want to improve their spoken and written English as well as improve their reading and listening skills. You will tackle grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and any questions you have about the English language.

Business English Course

Are you or do you wish to become a market leader in your field? Would you like to perfect your knowledge of business English terms specific to a certain domain? Then the Business English course is the right path for you! Business English combines specific vocabulary with conversational topics which is a great way to become more comfortable using English at business meetings and in your work environment in general.

Academic English Course

Do you need help with your English academic papers and presentations? Then this is the right course for you. Academic English is designed for students at various stages of their academic career (undergraduate, master and PhD students). The Academic English course focuses on both current projects and the student’s general needs in an effort to provide the opportunity for both long and short-term academic success.

Exam Preparation Course

Are you planning to take an English exam to formally prove your knowledge? Come and practice all the skills required at one of our exam preparation courses:

IELTS course
TOEFL course
FCE course
CAE course
CPE course
BEC course

Exam Preparation courses familiarise you with the test’s format, train your exam strategies and offer personalised guidance for the development of your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

English Conversation Course

Do you wish you could express yourself more easily and more comfortably in English? Would you like to be able to debate general topics or specific subjects you are interested in in English? An English Conversation course can provide everything you need to do so. An English Conversation course is tailor-made to meet your particular needs and interests. It helps you go beyond the limited vocabulary you use every day and add some new funky words!

Are you in doubt about which course suits you best? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for personal advice.

Why take an English course at Kookoovaja?

The English courses are taught by Oana and Mariëlle.

Oana’s now has 14 years of teaching experience. She has been living and working in the Netherlands since 2015, connecting people from various cultures and acting as an intermediary between various languages. Students describe her as patient and considerate, and her lessons as very relaxed and funny.

Mariëlle has a Scottish father and a Dutch mother. She studied English Language and Culture, and she has worked as a university level teacher since 2010 as well as a professional academic editor. She is known as the teacher who provides the most useful and elaborate feedback on her students’ papers.

Kookoovaja works exclusively in small classes, we teach groups of a maximum of 6 students. Classes last 2 hours. That’s why there is always enough time for the teacher to help you individually, but also to learn from each other and share experiences.

What does a class look like?