Are you planning a holiday in Italy and do you want to be able to say more than ‘pizza’” and ‘ciao’? Do you have Italian family, friends or loved ones and would you like to be able to communicate in their language? Or do you simply want to immerse yourself in this beautiful language and become familiar with Italian culture? Kookoovaja offers Italian courses from beginner to advanced level. The courses also cover the cultural, geographical and culinary aspects of Italy’s 20 regions, while they are designed to be easily adaptable to the students’ particular needs and/or interests.

We teach in small groups to ensure you get as much feedback as possible, space can therefore be limited. Apply on time!

New courses start in September, January and April.

Which Italian course is best for you?

Kookoovaja offers language courses at every level. Whether you don’t speak a word of Italian or you are an advanced speaker, there is always an Italian course for you.

Speak Italian during your holidays

A0 to A1 €325*

Italian for Beginners I

Level A0 to A1 €325*

Italian for Beginners II

Level A1 to A2 €325*

Special Italian classes on request

Various levels €On request

Italian Intermediate I, II and III

Level A2 to B1 €325*

Italian Advanced I, II and III

Level B1 to B2+ €325*

Fun, stress-free and engaging class.

Research shows that having a fun, stress-free and engaging class leads to improved learning. This has been our experience learning Italian with Valentina! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she truly makes learning fun. Her extensive knowledge of the language and culture shines through in every lesson. I highly recommend her if you want to learn Italian in an engaging and effective way! – Eltiena

Great teacher, various and useful activities!

Valentina is great! She explains very well, the classes cover a variety of topics (grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, etc.) and activities and they are also very fun! 😀 – Julieta

The teacher’s passion is both informative and useful

Learning a new language can be difficult but doesn’t have to be a “chore” – far from it, Valentina makes it fun and engaging. Her passion for language learning I s both informative and really useful. Our class feels incredibly fortunate to have access to such a treasure of a teacher! – Bill

Prachtige taal en fijne lerares!

Kom Italiaans leren bij Valentina, een prachtige taal om te spreken en een fijne lerares om van te leren! – Nienke

Italian course for holidays

Are you planning a holiday in Italy and would you like to mingle with the locals? The Italian course for holidays focuses on specific vocabulary and conversations that are useful when you are on holiday. You will learn how to order in a bar or restaurant, how to ask for directions and for information about hotels, museums and camping, how to book a day-trip as well as how to take a taxi and public transport. Additionally, you will learn about Italian culture (e.g. art, monuments, geography and tourist attractions), which will be determined by you own interests and holiday destination.

Italian course for beginners

Are you entirely new to the Italian language? Then start with our Italian course for beginners! For this course you need no knowledge of the Italian language at all: we will guide you through the basics. We will start with the language’s sounds, then learn how to talk about ourselves and have everyday conversations about topics including work, emotions, health, food and culture.

The Italian course for beginners consists of two parts. By the end you will have reached level A2.

Italian course at intermediate level

Have you completed the beginner’s course and you would like to learn more? Or do you have a basic knowledge (at least level A2) of the Italian language? Then start with our Italian course at intermediate level! This course focuses on more challenging conversations and expands your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary in order to achieve a level of fluency that allows you to interact easily with native speakers.

The Italian course at intermediate level consists of two parts. By the end you will have reached level B1.

Italian course at advanced level

This Italian course at advanced level deals with the various kinds of sectoral language in more detail (e.g. legal, medical economic, philosophical and political). Following this course enables you to develop the skills that make it easy for you to keep a conversation going, even in complex situations. We focus on speaking fluently and spontaneously. After this course you will be able to understand longer texts and be able to express your opinion and engage in reasoning.

The Italian course at advanced level consists of three parts. By the end you will have reached level B2.

 Are you in doubt about which course suits you best? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for personal advice.

Why take an Italian course at Kookoovaja?

The Italian courses are taught by Valentina. She has many years of experience of teaching and tutoring Italian and English, has specialised in Dutch and Italian language and culture, and Intercultural and Linguistic Mediation. Students describe her as passionate, patient and competent, and her lessons as a lot of fun.

 Kookoovaja works exclusively in small classes: we teach groups of a maximum of 8 students. Classes last 2 hours. That’s why there is always enough time for the teacher to help you individually, but also for you to learn from each other and share experiences.

What does a class look like?