Ready to bring your English to the next level? Kookoovaja offers English classes. We offer English for general purposes, Business English, English for academic purposes, exam preparation courses and conversation classes.

English for general purposes offers a steady ground for those who want to use English on a regular base in various situations.

Business English combines specific vocabulary with conversational topics which is a great way to become more comfortable in the English you use during your business meetings and generally in your work environment. Are you or do you wish to become a market leader in your field of expertise? Would you like to perfect your knowledge of business English terms specific to a certain domain of activity? A business English course may then be the right path for you to take.

Exam Preparation will familiarize you with the test’s format, train your exam strategies and offer personalized guidance for the development of your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Academic English is designed for students who are in various stages of their academic experiences, including undergraduate, master, and phd students. the basic components of Academic English will be covered such as grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence structure, and formatting. However, the focus of this course will go beyond the basics as students learn to hone their writing skills in terms of structuring essays, analysing and creating theoretical arguments, situating academic texts, and preparing for presentations.

English conversation makes you go beyond the limited vocabulary you use every day and adding some new funky words to your word treasure! Do you wish you could express yourself more easily and more comfortably in English? Would you like to debate general topics or specific subjects you are interested in in English? An English conversation course can offer all that and more of what you particularly need.

course name n° of private lessons n° of group lessons price pp. info
English general purposes - 12 (or 6) € 250,- *
Academic English 4 4 € 290,-
Business English - 12 on request
Exam preparation - - on request
Conversation English - - on request

* Price valid for 4-6 participants. With 2-3 participants a course price of 320,- pp is valid.
With 3-6 participants a class takes two hours. With 2 participants a class takes one and a half hour.

Detailed course description

English for general purposes

This course focuses on various levels of English for students who want to improve their spoken and written English as well as better their reading and listening skills. In this class, we will cover grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and any questions students have about the English language.

Business English

In this course, you will learn and have the opportunity to use vocabulary specific to various fields of activity at different levels and acquire business skills in correspondence, presentations, negotiations, meetings and small talk. The course will bring a welcome expansion of your word bank and build a safe environment where your confidence in using English will be nurtured.

The method used is Market Leader, a five-level course that caters to the needs of those who want to learn English with a focus on business and those who want to improve their general business practices while learning English. The book makes use of Financial Times material to cover topics such as buying and selling, mergers and acquisitions, people skills, marketing and human resources, while interviews and case studies bring the world of business into the classroom.

Academic English

The schedule of this course is aligned with the academic calendar of Utrecht University so that we can focus on both current and future writing projects in effort to provide the opportunity for both long term and short term academic success.

The course schedule will alternate every other week between 2 hour group lessons and 1 hour individual tutorials. Each group will have around 3-4 people per lesson and the individual tutorials will be planned according to the scheduling needs of the students.

In the group lessons, we will cover the basic elements of academic skills such as writing standards for essays, critically analysing academic texts, creating theoretical argumentation, structuring academic papers and other needs expressed by students. This course is very open to the needs and questions of students so every one in attendance can learn from each other. In the individual tutorials, students can get assistance applying the techniques learned in the group course to their school assignments as well as express any other academic concerns or areas in need of improvement.

Exam Preparation

Would you like to take an English exam (FCE, CAE, CPE or BEC, IELTS or TOEFL) to formally prove your knowledge? Roll up your sleeves then, put your working boots on and come practice all the necessary skills at one of Kookoovaja’s preparation courses. Whether it is speaking, writing, listening or grammar and vocabulary abilities, you can hone them during an intense and extremely rewarding course. The motivation to reach a precise and immediate goal will make sure that you channel your time and effort in order to achieve a great distinction among speakers of English as a foreign language.