Online Dutch course

What will I learn?

In this course for beginners, you will learn the basics of Dutch. Starting off with talking about yourself and having small, everyday conversations. Alongside general homework, you will receive practical assignments to immediately put your new knowledge into practice.

You will specifically become familiar with themes such as: introducing yourself, making appointments, placing an order in a bar or restaurant, talking about your weekend plans and what you did last weekend, asking for and giving directions, talking about celebrations, shopping at various shops.

Each class has a maximum of 8 participants, which ensures you get the most out of it. The teacher provides personal feedback, you get a lot of time to speak and simultaneously you learn from classmates who have other questions and experiences.

Online classes

This course is offered fully online via a videochat program.

Good to know about online lessons:

  • Besides group-talks, we use break-out groups, so that students can talk 1 on 1 and do not have to wait for their turn in the group. Your teacher passes by to check-in, or you can ask help from your teacher via the ‘ask for help’ button. Just like in offline lessons!
  • We can record dialogues and presentations, so that the teacher and students can listen back to evaluate and give feedback. Additional plus!
  • We give students a variety of assignments and make agreements on the time you work individually, in pairs or in groups. Your teacher is online with you, just like in the classroom.
  • You can join the videochat meeting from your browser if you have not downloaded and installed the application on your computer/phone. We work with Zoom mainly, but with private/small groups your teacher might be using Skype/Teams instead.

Here are some tips for a succesful online learning experience:

  • find a room with a good internet connection.
  • make sure the room is quiet so no-one will disturb you during the class.
  • set up a good lamp for sufficient lighting to shine on you and your books.
  • test your headphones and microphone before going live.
  • be on time or a few minutes earlier to set up the connection and get familiar with the online environment.
  • need more guidance into setting up connection? let us know via


Course dates and time

Beginners I – online

This is an online course of 12 lessons going from A0 to A1 level.

Tuesdays 9:30 to 11:30 (Dutch time)

Startdate: 12 April 2022

level A0 to A1
Your teacher is Ellen
12 lessons
2 hours per class
Nederlands in Gang plus extra curricular materials provided by the teacher

This course is fully online and can be followed from anywhere in the world

People are saying

You start speaking more and more!

Definitely recommend to follow a course with Kookoovaja. The teachers are positive, motivational and find new ways to make the lessons interactive. We played taboo in Dutch, we had discussions and they gave us practical ways to start using Dutch on our daily life; without realizing it you start speaking more and more! Evi

Small groups and fun classes!

What I like about Kookoovaja are the small groups, the games and fun activities during the class, which make learning Dutch more interesting! Myrto

Great language school!

Kookoovaja is a great language school, attentive to feedback and student engagement. Classes are fun and interactive! Olga

What does a class look like?

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