Workshop Greek mythology

Gods that turn into animals or even weather phenomena in order to seduce or cheat humans; humans are transformed into animals, plants or rocks as a punishment for transgression or to escape pain or persecution; Anything is possible in Metamorphoses.

What to expect?

This Sunday Session we come together with comedian Soula Notos and storyteller Anastasis Sarakatsanos for a midday of interactive storytelling based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The Roman poet Ovid delved into the Greek and Roman mythology, and wrote an epic of transformations. In this event, we’ll revisit some of these stories from a contemporary perspective and use them to reflect on the human need for change and growth in an everchanging world.

Feel free to bring your own stories as there will be time for stories from the audience! After listening to the stories, we’ll also play games that will allow us to collectively weave our own stories of transformations.

Guest speakers: comedian Soula Notos and storyteller Anastasis Sarakatsanos

Free admission, but reserve your seat via the contact form or send an e-mail to let us know you are coming

Event details

Date: 2021-01-17
Time: 13:00 - 15:00
Location: Oudwijkerdwarsstraat 148 - 3581LJ, Utrecht

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