Learning during the summer

Published on: 29 June 2020

To cover the long summer break without classes and keep your Dutch up now that there is less contact with Dutch in daily life like with colleagues or your in-laws due to corona measures, we organise various classes and courses in the coming two months to continue to practice your Dutch.


For the devoted we offer an intensive Dutch course in August on various levels starting from A1.

For the weekly practice we offer a conversation course during July and August with some flexibility for you to skip a few weeks in case you go on holidays!


Both courses can be offered either online or offline, or as a mix or a hybrid class. This will be decided on based on the preference of the students and the teacher. After applying we set up an intake meeting. During the intake meeting we discuss your goals and expectation for the course and we assess your level. If you have any questions, we can also answer them in that conversation.