Comfortable environment

Moving to a new country and learning a new language is always a little terrifying and exciting. I have now been living in the Netherlands for a little over a year and having tried studying Dutch at a bigger institute (20+ students in a class), I didn’t do very well and decided not to continue with the course.

When I heard of Kookoovaja and signed up for lessons, I instantly felt comfortable and excited to learn Dutch again! Kookoovaja’s classes are small and Samantha makes it really enjoyable to learn a new language. Each lesson is different and she doesn’t routinely just teach by the book. She has a very unique style of teaching the language and it is always enjoyable to go to class. Samantha is a very enthusiastic teacher who really takes the time to understand what components of the language you struggle with. She has the ability to create a comfortable environment where you are encouraged to speak Dutch in class and ask questions. I have noticed a vast improvement since I have studied at Kookoovaja with Samantha!