Lot of attention

Kookoovaja school was recommended to me by my Greek colleague when I was in search for my next-level Dutch course. I’m glad I found it, and I want to share my impression.

The lessons are given in a unique atmosphere: free, friendly, even relaxing, but you are directed (unnoticeably!) to learn actively, to repeat and to memorize the words / expressions and the rules. I was so pleased to find out that the group is small enough for everybody to get a lot of attention from the docent while practicing + to have any question to be asked and answered explicitly. I feel involved into each lesson as the great part of it is devoted to speaking which is the most efficient way of mastering the language (at least, for me). Trial by trial you start seeing the progress and get a confidence boost as a bonus. Still long way to go, but with Samantha it feels like a journey.