Teacher: Samantha

Dutch teacher

Learning Greek made me realise how valuable it is to know multiple languages and to become familiar with other cultures. It has opened up a new world to me and I have gained invaluable friendships. This awareness inspired me to become a teacher. I want to pass on my affection for language learning to everyone in my classroom and, each lesson, I want to get the most out of my students by creating a friendly environment and showing sincere interest so we can work on this puzzle together. Finding creative solutions to present difficult grammatical structures or to motivate even the quiet students to talk are challenges that I am happy to take on.

Brief CV

From a young age Samantha was interested in languages and their puzzling qualities. Pursuing her love of languages, she decided to study Modern Greek at the University of Amsterdam (2008) and later also Linguistics (2010). She obtained a bachelor’s degree in both (2012), but wanted to further explore the possibilities of putting linguistics into practice. A master in applied linguistics at the University of Utrecht followed, where she had the chance to expand her knowledge of Dutch as a second language. She graduated with honours and continued working at Utrecht University as a research assistant (2012-2016). It was during this time that she created the stable foundations for Kookoovaja which was established in 2014.


Lessons that you look forward to

There are a few things that in my opinion makes Kookoovaja’s teaching method stand. First are the small groups, the teacher can follow everyone and you get to know your classmates quite well. Second the variety of exercises together with the focus on speaking. What you end with are very gezellig and fun lessons that you look forward to.

Dynamic and fun

The course was dynamic and fun. The relaxed atmosphere helps to keep your attention after a hard day of work.


Enjoying my time

Best language school in Utrecht to improve your speaking Dutch language abilities. Really enjoying my time there.


Fun exercises

I enjoyed the environment and the fun exercises.


Personalized activities

Study and play with the Dutch in a small group! A great atmosphere, personalized activities and a lot of fun gave a energy boost to my Dutch learning process.


Practicing real situations

Kookoovaja lessons have helped me lose my fear of speaking in Dutch, letting go and improving my speaking by practicing with real situations every week.


Excellent teacher

Really nice course, method and excellent teacher 🙂


Well structured

Samantha is a great teacher and patient enough! The classes are well structured in terms of content – really enjoyed it.

Constantina Georgiou – Google review

Fun and efficient

I have been following a Dutch course at Kookoovaja, and I have only the best to say about Samantha’s approach to teaching the language to foreign speakers. She always finds ways to make the lessons enjoyable, whether it is with interesting discussions, games that are fun and efficient for learning purposes at the same time or just her general relaxed, but to the point, way of teaching. I definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in learning Dutch, especially if they have a tight schedule, since the courses for each group take place once a week, which is very convenient.

Orestis Palampougioukis – Google review

Individual attention

I follow an advanced Dutch course at Kookoovaja and can only say good things about it. Classes are small, so there is a lot of individual attention, the atmosphere is very relaxed. Overall – a very enjoyable experience. A wonderful place to improve your language skills!

Rasa Kat Smiet Navickaite – Google review