English for beginners up to English advanced

Is it for me?

Do you want to improve your English? Do you want to use English on a regular basis in various situations? Then this English language course is for you!

What will I learn?

This course focuses on various levels of English for students who want to improve their spoken and written English as well as their reading and listening skills. In this class, you will cover grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and any questions you have about the English language.

Each class has a maximum of 6 participants, which ensures you get the most out of it. The teacher provides personal feedback, you get a lot of time to speak and simultaneously you learn from classmates who have other questions and experiences.

Evening classes

We offer this course in the evenings at 17:15-19:15 or 19:30-21:30. The exact day and time will be decided at the beginning of each block on the basis of the students’ availability. 

Various levels
Oana (Meet Oana)
12 classes per block
2 hours per class*
Method will be decided on the basis of your level and needs

Please contact us to take a placement test to discover which level you should start with.

*With 3-6 participants a class takes two hours. With 2 participants a class takes one and a half hour.
**With 2-3 participants a course price of 320,- pp is valid.

People are saying

Great teacher

Laurel is a great teacher. I used to discuss the main ideas of my papers with her and we used to have really interesting talks about gender studies and social science in general. This kind of talks improved my arguments and reinforced my ideas in the texts. The course was very useful.


What does a class look like?

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