Greek Advanced I, II and III

What will I learn?

These courses allow you to develop a better understanding of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics such as sports, travel, sightseeing, and celebrations as well as the environment, health, education, culture, media and the arts. You will revisit structures you already know and develop the ability to interact in Greek with a degree of fluency that makes spontaneous interaction with native speakers easy, even in more complex situations. You will be able to understand a wide range of challenging texts as well as expanding your knowledge of Greek culture (celebrations, music, history and literature) that will enable you to recognise implicit meaning. You will become able to produce clear and detailed texts yourself that express opinions or expound your reasoning.

Each class has a maximum of 8 participants, which ensures you get the most out of it. The teacher provides personal feedback, you get a lot of time to speak and simultaneously you learn from classmates who have other questions and experiences.

Evening classes

We offer these courses in the evenings at 17:15-19:15 or 19:30-21:30. The exact day and time will be decided at the beginning of each block on the basis of the students’ availability.

On-line or off-line?

Our courses can be offered either on-line or in the classroom/hybrid class. During the application process you can give your preference. After applying we set up an intake meeting. During the intake meeting we discuss your goals and expectation for the course and we assess your level. If you have any questions, we can also answer them in that conversation.

Level B1 to B2+
Your teacher is Stefania or Vasso
12 lessons per block
2 hours per class
ΚΛΙΚ στα ελληνικά επίπεδο Β2 together with extra-curricular material provided by the teacher.

You are expected to have successfully completed a Greek course up to B1 level. If you are not sure about your level, please contact us.

*With 3 participants a course price of €350,- pp is valid.


u-pas discount – If you have a u-pas, you can use your personal budget to pay for (a part of) the course or get a 5% discount on group courses of 4 or more students (not in combination with other discounts or offers).

People are saying

Would recommend to anyone.

The course is fun, with a good teacher and balanced workload. Would recommend to anyone who wanted to learn Greek.

Ervaren docenten en persoonlijke aandacht

Kleine groepen dus veel persoonlijke aandacht in de les. Ervaren docenten die lesgeven in hun eigen taal en dus ook goed alle gewoontes van het betreffende land weten. Voor elk niveau een geschikte groep. Laagdrempelig contact ook buiten de lessen om, kortom erg plezierig leren op deze manier!


mooie afwisselende lessen

Professioneel opleidingscentrum met veel persoonlijke aandacht en mooie afwisselende lessen.


What does a class look like?

All courses

Greek for Beginners I

Level A0 to A1 €300*

Greek for Beginners II

Level A1 to A2 €300**

Greek Intermediate I, II and III

Level A2 to B1+ €300*

Greek Advanced I, II and III

Level B1 to B2+ €300*