Italian Advanced I, II and III

What will I learn?

During this course, which continues after the intermediate level, we will learn how to understand and engage in longer conversations about specific topics in order to achieve a level of fluency that allows us to easily interact with native speakers. We will also look at the main differences between oral and written Italian, and at different kinds of sectoral language, such as legal, medical economical, philosophical, and political.

Themes we become familiar with at this level are: hypothetical situations, Italian literature, theatre, cinema, art, folklore and history, talking about our problems, cause-and-effect and its concerning conjunctions, news items, and debate. At this point, the students are always welcome to propose topics according to their interests. We will further explore different writing techniques (review, critical essays, formal correspondence), figures of speech, idiomatic expressions, dialects, accents and slang.

The method that is used is Come prepararsi all’esame del CELI 3 -livello B2, livello C1-, together with exercises and activities from other sources.

Required knowledge: It is expected that you have successfully completed a course up to B1. If you are not sure about your level, please contact the teacher.

Evening classes

We offer these courses in the evenings at 17:15-19:15 or 19:30-21:30. The exact day and time will be decided at the beginning of each block on the basis of the students’ availability.

Level B1 to B2+
Valentina (Meet Valentina)
12 classes per block
2 hours per class*
Come prepararsi all’esame del CELI 4 -livello B2, livello C1-, together with extra-curricular material provided by the teacher.

You are expected to have successfully completed an Italian course up to B1 level. If you are not sure about your level, please contact us.

*With 3-6 participants a class takes two hours. With 2 participants a class takes one and a half hour.
**With 2-3 participants a course price of 280,- pp is valid.

People are saying

Really enjoy it

I learn italian from Valentina and I really enjoy it. It’s not only about the language but i’ve the opportunity to learn about the italian culture as well. Grazie 🙂

moldovayanna – Google review

Very good teacher

Valentina is a very good teacher. Since she studied languages her whole life, she knows what it means to be a student and she is always willing to give you tricks and tips when you are learning a foreign language. She is passionate, patient, competent, and she always knows how to make the classes fun.


What does a class look like?

All courses

Speak Italian during your holidays

Level: €250**

Italian for beginners I

Level: Level A0 to A1 €250**

Italian for beginners II

Level: Level A1 to A2 €250**

Special Italian classes on request

Level: Various levels €On request

Italian Intermediate I, II and III

Level: Level A2 to B1 €250**

Italian Advanced I, II and III

Level: Level B1 to B2+ €250**