Cursus Italiaans voor vergevorderden I, II and III

What will I learn?

During this course, which continues after the intermediate level, we will learn how to understand and engage in longer conversations about specific topics in order to achieve a level of fluency that allows us to easily interact with native speakers. We will also look at the main differences between oral and written Italian, and at different kinds of sectoral language, such as legal, medical economical, philosophical, and political.

Themes we become familiar with at this level are: hypothetical situations, Italian literature, theatre, cinema, art, folklore and history, talking about our problems, cause-and-effect and its concerning conjunctions, news items, and debate. At this point, the students are always welcome to propose topics according to their interests. We will further explore different writing techniques (review, critical essays, formal correspondence), figures of speech, idiomatic expressions, dialects, accents and slang.

The method that is used is Come prepararsi all’esame del CELI 3 -livello B2, livello C1-, together with exercises and activities from other sources.

Required knowledge: It is expected that you have successfully completed a course up to B1. If you are not sure about your level, please contact the teacher.


We offer these courses in the evenings at 17:15-19:15 or 19:30-21:30. The exact day and time will be decided at the beginning of each block on the basis of the students’ availability.

On-line or off-line?

Our courses can be offered either on-line or in the classroom/hybrid class. During the application proces you can give your preference. After applying we set up an intake meeting. During the intake meeting we discuss your goals and expectation for the course and we assess your level. If you have any questions, we can also answer them in that conversation.

Level B1 to B2+
Je docent is Valentina
12 classes per block
2 hours per class
Methode Dieci B2 in combinatie met extra cursusmateriaal voorzien door de docent. .

Verwacht wordt dat je succesvol een cursus Italiaans op het niveau van onze cursus B1 hebt afgerond. In het geval je niet zeker bent van jouw niveau, neem dan contact met ons op.

*Bij 3 deelnemers geldt een cursusprijs van €375,- pp.

u-pas korting – Als je een u-pas hebt, kan je je persoonlijke budget inzetten om (een deel van) de cursus te betalen of 15% korting krijgen op groepscursussen van 4 of meer cursisten (niet in combinatie met andere kortingen of aanbiedingen).

Fun, stress-free and engaging class.

Research shows that having a fun, stress-free and engaging class leads to improved learning. This has been our experience learning Italian with Valentina! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she truly makes learning fun. Her extensive knowledge of the language and culture shines through in every lesson. I highly recommend her if you want to learn Italian in an engaging and effective way! – Eltiena

Great teacher, various and useful activities!

Valentina is great! She explains very well, the classes cover a variety of topics (grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, etc.) and activities and they are also very fun! 😀 – Julieta

The teacher’s passion is both informative and useful

Learning a new language can be difficult but doesn’t have to be a “chore” – far from it, Valentina makes it fun and engaging. Her passion for language learning I s both informative and really useful. Our class feels incredibly fortunate to have access to such a treasure of a teacher! – Bill

Prachtige taal en fijne lerares!

Kom Italiaans leren bij Valentina, een prachtige taal om te spreken en een fijne lerares om van te leren! – Nienke

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