Teacher: Aspa

Greek teacher

I have always been passionate about teaching others. I particularly love the fact that a teacher can help transform other people’s lives in a very meaningful and powerful way. For most of my career, I have taught English to students of different age groups and levels. Being a native Greek, I have always enjoyed teaching my students where many words with a Greek etymology came from. When I met my husband, he wanted to learn Greek, and I decided to teach him. I quickly discovered how refreshing it felt for me to teach other people Greek. This inspired me to switch to teaching Greek to adults. In my courses, in addition to teaching the language, I enjoy talking about the Greek culture, the people, and Greek cuisine. I like to bring those elements into the classroom to bring the material to life. For me, learning a language does not just involve gaining knowledge, it involves immersing yourself in a new culture and seeing the country and its people in a new light.

Brief CV

Aspa moved to the Netherlands in 2012. She holds a BA in education from the University of Athens and an MA in North American Studies. She has worked as a language teacher for the last decade in school settings in various functions; as a schoolteacher, a homework mentor, and a (private) tutor. Apart from teaching Greek, she is a mother of a daughter and she works as a sleep and lactation consultant, serving customers and teaching courses.


Leerzame en leuke cursus!

Een leerzame maar vooral leuke cursus. Je voelt je snel op je gemak bij Stefania. We hebben ook als groep veel van elkaar geleerd. Katinka

Helped me further develop my skills in Greek

The Greek course was perfect have been looking for some time for online teaching platform such as this so happy I found it. Stefania was amazing and really helped me further develop my skills in Greek. Many thanks to Kookoovaja – Andrew

I loved everything!

I love the lessons, support and even the homework! Just need to practice, practice Marja

A lot of fun!

Great lessons that make learning Greek a lot of fun! Bas

Professionele leerkrachten

Laagdrempelig contact, professionele leerkrachten en les in kleine groepen waardoor veel ruimte voor persoonlijke aandacht. Sia

Would recommend to anyone.

The course is fun, with a good teacher and balanced workload. Would recommend to anyone who wanted to learn Greek. Lena

Ervaren docenten en persoonlijke aandacht

Kleine groepen dus veel persoonlijke aandacht in de les. Ervaren docenten die lesgeven in hun eigen taal en dus ook goed alle gewoontes van het betreffende land weten. Voor elk niveau een geschikte groep. Laagdrempelig contact ook buiten de lessen om, kortom erg plezierig leren op deze manier! Sia

mooie afwisselende lessen

Professioneel opleidingscentrum met veel persoonlijke aandacht en mooie afwisselende lessen. Astrid

vertrouwen en motivatie

Prettige kleine groep, goed tempo in de lessen. Ik krijg vertrouwen/motivatie tijdens de lessen om de taal verder te gaan leren. Annelies

Fun experience

A very fun experience learning a new language 🙂 Esper